Imagining Genomics: Introducing Visuality In The Genomics Debate

Research question:
Whether and how can visual art enhance the quality of moral debates on genomics?

In the border area of genomic art and moral debate, many experiments are going on that challenge traditional boundaries of science, art, philosophy and education. In order to contribute to an understanding of these experiments, the Imagining Genomics project will study existing examples but it will also set up its own experiment. To that end, a genomic art work with interactive potential will be developed by an artist-in-lab. The artwork will be exhibited in the natural science museum Naturalis (Leiden, The Netherlands). During the exhibition, interaction between the work of art and the public will be studied.

The general objective of the project is to contribute to a better understanding of interactions between science, art and philosophy through a focus of word/image relations.

The specific objective is to gain a better insight in relations between artistic images and moral debates and, on the basis of these insights, to suggest ways in which art can have constructive roles in these debates.

 Click here to view the project proposal (pdf, 393 KB).

This project is funded by the Centre for Society and Genomics

Research group

Prof. Dr. Robert Zwijnenberg
Project leader
Director of The Arts & Genomics Centre

Dr. Cor van der Weele
Postdoc 1

Philosophy of Biology, Wageningen Universiteit

Dr. Ellen ter Gast
Postdoc 2