The Arts & Genomics Centre residency for bioartists in laboratories of Leiden University CLOSED

The Arts & Genomics Centre is pleased to announce that BIOARTISTS can now apply for a RESIDENCY in laboratories of Leiden Universtity, The Netherlands by submitting a proposal 

The residency consists of a three month period in which you produce an art work in laboratories of Leiden University. After that there will be a one month exposition of the artwork in museum Naturalis ( The exhibition will involve interaction with visitors. The whole project takes place between October 1st, 2007 and September 30th, 2008. Within that period, the timing is fexible. The project is part of a larger research project Imagining Genomics: Introducing Visuality in the Genomics Debate. The project focusus particularly on the role of visual art in moral debates on genomics. The two post-docs working on this project collaborate with the artist. They also reflect on art, science, and ethics in general, and this project in particular. The project is funded by the Centre for Society and Genomics. Click here for more information on the research project.

Dutch artists as well as artists from abroad can apply. The fee for the whole project is 12,000 Euro. The application deadline is September 1st, 2007. The artist will be chosen by a jury. The results will be announced by September 15th, 2007.

Click here for the APPLICATION FORM.