3-6 month research project for student / student assistent CLOSED

BSc- or MSc-students within Life Sciences studies are invited for an internship on the borders between Art and Science. Students should be trained within the fields of DNA and protein studies and showing interest in bio-informatics as well as able to make the translation of science towards art.

The German philosopher and artist Karsten Panzer (alias) PerZan (www.perzan.de) has developed a metaphysical visual language called iGene. This language enables hum to predict protein functioning by interpreting DNA sequences by means of Algorithms, which are devoloped by him. In the meantime, more than 4,000 genes have been analyzed by Karsten Panzer.
Since several years, Prof. Noteborn is working on apoptosis in general and in particular on the tumor-specific apoptosis protein apoptin. This intruiging field of tumorigenesis versus apoptosis has resulted in collaboration between Noteborn and Panzer PerZan. 

A small reward of 600 Euro can be rewarded on top of your regular study points. The project requires permission of your educational officer.

Knowledge of both the German and English language is essential.

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